Natural pools near Madrid

People often say that Madrid hasn’t got beaches…. but there is a solution! You can find some natural pools near the city, reachable by public transport or car. After your Spanish Course you will sure want to explore the city surroundings and refresh your mind and body!

Recommended natural pools near Madrid

If you are looking for a mixture of tranquility and lots of fun, you can spend a day in the Bolarque Swamp (Travesía de Bolarque, 16512, Guadalajara). Between Cuenca and Guadalajara, this place has spaces to rest (grass) and a beautiful “beach”. In this charming Castilian-La Mancha you can swim and carry out a good number of activities, such as kayak excursions, water ball or snorkeling. You will find rental companies that provide all the material needed.

 They charge € 6 per person when entering, and in summer you have to be there early since spots are limited. Bolarque's water is clean and clear, and the sand is very similar to that of a sea beach. In some areas, to facilitate access to the water, stairs have been installed.

Another weekend, once you’ve finished revising the Spanish past tenses, you can also go to the San Juan Reservoir. Built in 1955, it is another ideal spot for bathing and practicing water sports. This reservoir provides electricity to the region and it’s situated 1h05 from the center of Madrid by car.

We can also recommend getting to Las Presillas in Rascafría (M-604, 8, 28740 Rascafría) to spend a wonderful day surrounded by nature and cool off. The Paular Valley is home to these natural pools (crystalline water, though cold!) The area is divided into three pools located in the Lozoya river bed. It is a familiar place and it offers tables, snacks, toilets and rubbish bins. You can sit on green meadows from 10am to 9pm (during the summer months). They don’t charge for people, but they do charge €9 euros to cars, €4 euros to motorbikes and €30 to buses. From Madrid, you can take the Line 194 Plaza Castilla-Rascafría.

 Some tips for go to natural pools

  • In all these, it is recommended to bring suitable footwear (the type for stones and hard sand) to enter the water, as well as towels, sunscreen or food/ plenty of water if you plan to spend the day, since not always you will find service areas and it can get hot during summer (stay hydrated!).
  • Please take care of the surroundings, use the bins to deposit the garbage.
  • Check beforehand if pets are allowed.
  • Take your Spanish Course notes, so you can practice the new vocabulary learnt during the week in your Spanish classes at Academia Contacto!


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