How is the methodology of our Spanish academy

Learning Spanish in Madrid in our Spanish academy is a wonderful opportunity. You will meet new people, enjoy the fun of a great capital.... Madrid is a city with many possibilities. It has a great leisure offer. You can visit museums or party in Malasaña or La Latina. You can also go shopping in their vintage stores - there are options for all tastes! In addition, in our Spanish academy we take our students' learning very seriously. That's why we use a methodology that helps you to assimilate your knowledge better, and we explain what it consists of!

How to learn Spanish at Academia Contacto

Learning Spanish is much easier than it seems. All you need is the right help and the right professionals. At our Spanish academy all our teachers are native speakers. Wonderful! You will be able to learn typical expressions of the city, receive the best advice and learn to pronounce perfectly.

It doesn't matter if you take a standard course or an intensive Spanish course. All courses have a small number of students. This makes the class much more personalized and easy to learn. The exercises used in the classes will help you to improve your learning. All courses are composed of grammar, vocabulary and conversation. This way, you will learn the basic and necessary concepts and put them into practice, both with the rest of the students and with the teacher.

You will have books that you can use to learn everything the teacher teaches. Besides, our classes are very fun and enjoyable! You will enjoy learning Spanish with our teachers. You'll have lots of activities, both written and oral, and lots of games to learn even more fun with.

Extracurricular activities

In addition to the classes taught at the academy, there are also extracurricular activities. Among them you can find poetry recitals, dance classes.... and many more! Because you can also learn while having a great time.

Most of these activities are free and allow you to meet native people. In addition, you will put into practice everything you have learned and you will be able to enjoy wonderful moments. Imagine having a drink in the centre of Madrid, in the Plaza Mayor, with the famous tapas. There is also an exchange of languages and cultures in some of the best venues in all of Madrid... 

At Academia Contacto we want you to learn Spanish in an effective and fun way, and we take our students very seriously! You can have a look at all the courses we have prepared.

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