Your first day with us in Academia Contacto

First day at school? Nervous? Don’t worry, your experience is about to begin, and you’ll LOVE IT!

First thing and the most important: come a little bit earlier on your first day (about 20/30 minutes before your course starts). We receive a few new students every Monday in Academia Contacto and we want to show you around in a personalized way!

Before coming, you have to complete our online test in this link: Spanish test.

Well, on your first day, there will be a little oral test (a few minutes) before we determine which will be the best group for you, according to both tests. And no worries, we’ve been doing it for years now! However, you can always come to us at any time if you feel the level is not the right one for you!

We’ll give you your text book, the details of your timetable, the WIFI and the activities program of the week!

As we said, our staff in our Spanish academy will show you around before you start so you can feel at home: a little tour through the infrastructures of the school and the last stop will be: your classroom! We’ll introduce you to your teacher and classmates and let’s the experience BEGIN!

And don’t forget: you can always come to us if you have any academical issues, if you want any recommendations (things to do in Madrid, museums, cultural places, restaurants, other cities around, etc), if you have any issues (with accommodation, public transports, paper work, etc) or if you need to print documents (boarding pass, appointments, etc).

We want to help you to make the most of your stay in Madrid!

Welcome to our Spanish academy, Academia Contacto!

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