Student guide: keys to start studying at our academy

As soon as you enroll with us, you’ll receive our student guide!

There, you’ll find all the important information about your stay in Madrid and our school Academia Contacto.

First, we will give you all the details about the public transports in Madrid, taxi services and how to get to the center from the airport! At the end of your stay, Madrid’s metro won’t have any secrets for you!

Of course, we’ll introduce you to the school, its infrastructure and organization (and also tell you about the official exams you can take here with us!)

How is our Spanish guide

In our student guide, we’ll inform you about your first day in the school, your timetable and give you tips to participate, enjoy and make the most out of your Spanish course in Madrid.

We’ll show you the most interesting, famous and nice things to do in Madrid, like museums, parks, stadiums, markets and will also tell you about the well-known nightlife of Madrid.

For you free time during your stay, you can check the section in our student guide “Things to do around Madrid” where we inform you about cities you can easily go for 1 day trip or a weekend excursion: Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Salamanca & Avila.

You’ll love for sure the section of restaurants, bars and clubs’ recommendations made by our staff who has been living in Madrid for years and knows where the best places are, including the places around the school!!!!

As we said: Madrid has everything you need: history, culture, entertainment, gastronomy, sunny terraces and Academia Contacto! Come to study with us!



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