Some curiosities of Spanish vocabulary

If you are studying Spanish you will have already noticed that it has a very wide vocabulary. It is a language with many synonyms and the rules of grammar are capricious. Besides being a language widely spoken all over the world, it has many curiosities in its words and also in the language itself. Today we are going to take a closer look at some of them.

Vagaries of Spanish vocabulary

  • There is only one word that contains five R's is "ferrocarrilero".
  • "Ecuatorianos" y "Aeronáuticos" have the same letters, but in a different order. This is called an anagram.
  • Spanish has some 300.000 different words or concepts. However, the RAE only lists 88.000. That is why the Spanish vocabulary is so rich.
  • A Spaniard uses an average of 300 words. An educated person increases the number of words to 500 a day. A journalist or writer can use up to 3000 words a day.
  • Spanish has the gold medal for the fastest language to speak. This is measured by the number of syllables that can be spoken in one second by an average speaker.
  • Since 1994 the letters CH and LL are no longer included in the Spanish alphabet. They are now a thing of the past, although many people still remember them when spelling.
  • the longest word in Spanish collected by the RAE is "Electroencefalografista" , this word contains 23 letters.
  • In the Spanish vocabulary there are four words that have four consonants in a row: transplantar, substraer, abstraer, abstracto.
  • Spanish has more than 4000 words inherited from the Arabs. This represents 8% of our current vocabulary.
  • The only word that contains each of the five vowels twice is "Guineoecuatorial". 
  • Miguel de Cervantes used some 8000 different words in his work Don Quixote.

In our academy you will learn grammar, vocabulary, expressions, etc. but also curiosities like these and you will learn while having fun. 



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