Covid safe School

Come to take a Spanish course with us and don’t worry about Covid-19, we have been accredited as a Safe School by FEDELE (the association of Spanish quality language schools).

What do we do to stay safe? First of all, the masks are obligatory inside the school and classrooms.

Our other actions which help us to keep you safe is to take the temperature to all the students and teachers every day and we ask to use the hydroalcoholic gel every time someone enters in the school. By the way, you can find it everywhere in the school: reception, washrooms and classrooms.

In addition to all of that, we have reduced our capacity so our students of Spanish Courses can keep the security distance and feel safe during the course.

As soon as you come to the school and see all the measures, first you’ll feel safe (and no worries, you’ll get used to it very quickly) and then, without even noticing it, you’ll be able to enjoy the course nearly as if Covid-19 would have never existed.

Come to Spain to practice Spanish, the language you have always dreamed about learning and enjoy this experience to forget about the pandemic. At least, don’t let it change your plans to take a Spanish course with us.

Enjoy this time and make the most of it!


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