Tips for living in Spain if you are a foreign student

If you come to study in Spain (or any country) the most important thing to try to do is to make your life easy. For that, we are going to give you some tips to live in Spain in the best possible way. What makes life in Spain different from your country? How do people behave here? What are the main rules and conventions?

Of course, the most important thing: learn to speak Spanish. It will make your life in the country much easier. Our academy has courses for all levels.

Tips for living in Spain

If you really want to experience, understand and integrate with the Spanish culture, knowing the language is essential. It will allow you to make Spanish friends and talk to local people, which will make the experience 100% complete.

But it is the customs and ways of acting and being of the Spaniards that will make you integrate better into their society.
You have to get used to their schedules. They are very different from the rest of Europe, for example. Shops and shopping centres are open late (they usually close at 9pm). People have lunch at 2 pm and dinner at 9-10 pm. Mid-morning snacks are a must, and some people even take a quick nap after lunch. If you go out for lunch or dinner, take it easy. Spaniards enjoy lingering at their tables after they have finished their meals and spend a good time together talking.

Spain's gastronomy is excellent and it is highly recommended that you try many of its most popular dishes, but be careful. Many restaurants are designed for tourists and do not offer the best food. It is best to eat or dine where a local would. We can advise you.

Another tip for living in Spain that you should follow is to travel as much as you can. One of the best things about Spain is the diversity of its landscape. Although the whole country is stunning, what you'll find in the north is completely different from what you'll find in the south. Each region has its own peculiarities: completely different cities, unique food and culture.

The weather is quite good. Especially from spring onwards it is very satisfying to enjoy sun terraces, walks in parks, etc.

Spain is a lively country. We recommend that you find out what activities you can do so that you can enjoy as many as possible. There is a wide range of cultural and leisure activities on offer.



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