Free tour: the best way to know the city after your Spanish classes

If you are planning to learn Spanish in Madrid, you must know the city too. Madrid is a vibrant city. There are always people in the streets, the bars and pubs are open everyday.  But Madrid is really interesting city due to its history and monuments too.

Many people, when they come to study a Spanish course in Madrid, don´t visit the city. And this is a very big mistake. One of the best ways to get to know the city is walking around the streets, taking photos in prominent places, and discovering the legends and stories of a particular square or monument, etc. The best (and cheapest) way is by going on a free tour.

How do free tours in Madrid work?

There are many different companies that offer free tours in Madrid. You can choose the best for you, depending on the hours of your particular Spanish course. There are several free tours in the morning, in the afternoon and on weekends, so you only need to choose the day and the hour. These tours take about three hours, but there is a break in the middle of the walk. In the tours you will learn about the most popular monuments and places in the city, and discover curiosities and characters from different times of Madrid. This is a good way to learn more about the Spanish culture, gastronomy, top restaurants and places, as well as discover what local people do on the weekends and in their free time. You are studying a Spanish course. But never forget that you are living in an incredible city.

One day, for example, when you finish you Spanish classes, you can to go to the center of Madrid and look for a free tour. You can book yourself on a  tour online too. Some of the most popular companies that offer the free tour are: New Europe tours, Madrid a pie or free walking tour Madrid. We recommended having a look online to check the schedules and the conditions.

If you are in a Spanish school in Madrid for learning the language, a free tour is the perfect to practice the vocabulary, hear the local expressions, know the city and have fun with your classmates. 

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