How to memorise quickly Spanish words?

A great method to memorise quickly Spanish words is to first write down those which you are unfamiliar with, whether that be during a conversation, during a class or when watching a TV show.

The simple act of writing something down is proven to facilitate its memorise quickly Spanish. To further commit terms to memory using flashcards can be a very effective approach; applications such as Quizlet and Anki offer a way to do this digitally and even have programmes built in that tailor the learning and repetition process to prioritise the vocabulary you frequently struggle with.

However ultimately the best way to memorise quickly a word in Spanish is to use to it! Whether that be in class or out in the streets of Madrid there is nothing like a geospatial, visual or even smell referential to bind vocabulary to long term memory.

Through our Academia Contacto interactive Spanish classes that are intertwined with culture, memorable words soon become memorable moments that you will be sure to never forget.

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