Tips to prepare the study and learn Spanish

It is much more effective to spend 10 minutes a day practicing a language, rather than 3 hours a day for a month. That's why we consider that repetition by spaces and regularity in your revisions are the two pillars of learning.

To achieve this goal, it is important to think about what motivates you to learn a language, as well as what learning methods can work for you according to your interests, your memory capacity and your learning needs. Depending on your commitment and how motivated you are, you can more easily plan the time you will spend on your revisions and the activities you will carry out during your weeks of study.

How to motivate yourself to learn Spanish

The stages for planning language learning can be the most difficult part of the learning process. Once you decide to spend time learning Spanish ask yourself: Will I be able to keep my promise to spend X time reviewing each day? Do I feel like I'm going to give up on my goal after a few weeks? 
If your answer is yes, remember that it is very important to respect the program you set out to learn. It may seem a little difficult at first, so remember that it is key to reflect on your good purposes and learning goals.

After your class at a good academy you should plan 15-20 minute sessions daily for learn Spanish. It is important your personal work and exercises to strengthen the language. To do this, running an organization is very important. Therefore, we recommend you to write down everything in an agenda and have your exercise book in Spanish. It is very important that you practice, so try to do the exercises that the teacher recommends.

Besides, learning should be fun. That is why we always make our classes fun and dynamic in our academy. But we also encourage you to read in Spanish, watch movies in Spanish or do something you like. This way you will be motivated to learn the language.  You can devote yourself to your favourite activities and at the same time improve the language you learn. You can also browse through comics (photos help a lot) or listen to some music extracts you like by reading the text of the song. This way you will learn without effort and learning a language will become a hobby.

Learning Spanish is useful and fun. Come on and try it with us

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