How the Spanish are when there are no foreigners in front of them

Many of the customs and habits of the Spanish surprise visitors. Some of them are even confusing or not well understood.
It is also true that there are many aspects that have spread and are not real. Some beliefs have become popular and are not true. Therefore, let's see how the Spanish are when they are alone, without foreigners in front of them. How they act, how they speak, etc.

Many guides talk about many topics about the Spaniards. For example, we are not exactly known for our punctuality or discretion, but there are many other features that stand out. 

Highlights of how the Spanish are

  • Indiscretion. If a Spaniard looks at you, it means you have a mucus or something stuck in your tooth. It is difficult for them not to look when there is something strange.
  • Very high volume. The Spanish speak very loudly. That's why there is a lot of noise in the bars. It is normal for them to talk a lot and at a high volume.
  • Gestures. It is very popular for Spaniards to express themselves through gestures. It is said that if you "cut off a Spaniard's hands, he cannot speak".
  • Party. If there is something that characterizes the Spanish is that they like to party. Going out to dinner, dancing, meeting with friends, etc. but spending time away from home with friends or family.
  • Sociable. Spanish people are sociable. They like to meet new people and talk to everyone. That is why it is easy to adapt to living in Spain.
  • Affectionate. In fact, this feature has probably made the issue of coronavirus worse. Because the Spanish kiss and hug a lot.


  • Spaniards like soccer, eating well, the beach... And they are hospitable and fun, although scandalous and conceited. In our Spamish academy we help you to know more about the Spanish culture.

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