What is the most difficult thing about learning Spanish?

You've probably heard that Spanish is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Spanish is one of the most difficult languages to learn in Western Europe.

There are several reasons for this. Spanish is a fast language. In fact, if you know someone who is learning Spanish, they have probably told you that they don't understand anything when a native Spaniard speaks to them.
It is very difficult for foreigners to follow a conversation between Spaniards, but it is also true that people tend to be considerate when speaking to a Spaniard.

It is also curious that Spaniards aspirate the 'ces' and 'zetas' when they speak. This makes the Spanish accent sound funny even to people who speak the same language. 
This is another reason that makes it more difficult to learn Spanish. It is spoken in many parts of the world.  And each place has different expressions and vocabulary, as well as a different accent.

What is the most difficult thing about Spanish

Verbal periphrases. For Spaniards, this is normal, but it is very complicated to learn.
"Llegar a", "acabar de" or "tener que" are some examples of periphrasis that are used a lot in Spanish. The word that follows these periphrases can completely change the meaning of the sentence. For this reason, foreigners often get lost when a Spaniard uses a lot of periphrases.

Spanish and English: many differences

The subjunctive is another of the great difficulties in learning Spanish. Especially for English speakers, as there is no equivalent verb tense in English.

The gender of words. English does not have masculine and feminine words either. Only those that explicitly refer to men or women, such as king, queen, aunt or uncle. But Spanish does. And in some words, gender is very important because it changes the meaning of the word. For example: el cura and la cura, el policía and la policía, el capital and la capital.

Don't worry because there are tricks to make learning all this easier. Our Spanish academy adapts to all levels. We have study plans so that learning Spanish is not so difficult and you have a good time.

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