What is the best way to learn Spanish?

Undoubtably the best way to learn Spanish is through immersion, the way in which we learn languages as children. The idea of immersion-based learning is to be exposed the language as much as possible. To do that there is no better way than living in a Spanish speaking city such as Madrid.

Unlike coastal cities, the best way to learn Spanish is in Madrid, as it receives relatively few tourists. This means that you are sure to have plenty of exposure and opportunities to practice your Spanish.

At Academia Contacto all the teachers are native speakers so they will not only be being able to correct your mistakes but they can also provide unique insides into Spanish culture and “la vida madrileña.” Group courses varying from 10-30 hours a week as well as private classes, both online and in person, offer the perfect flexibility to either fit your learning around your schedule or to dive in and completely immerse yourself in the language!

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