Veranillo de San Miguel: what is it and why is it a good time to enjoy Madrid?

The veranillo de San Miguel is considered meteorologically as a period of exceptionally dry and warm weather that usually occurs during the autumn months. This climatic phenomenon is celebrated every year around the feast of St. Michael, on 29 September, which is why it is named after the saint. This phenomenon usually lasts for about a week, bringing the summer days back, before finally giving way to the drop in temperatures typical of the autumn months.

The "veranillo de San Miguel" usually lasts for a week and is accompanied by warm temperatures after a few weeks in which the thermometers have dropped.

Scientifically, there is no concrete explanation for this "veranillo" and it is simply considered a transitional phenomenon between two seasons.

It is a very good time in Madrid because you can still enjoy long days and good temperatures. It is not as hot as in summer and the cold has not yet arrived.

Plans to enjoy madrid this "veranillo"

We suggest you take the opportunity to have lunch or dinner on terraces. Soon the cold starts and it's not so pleasant.

Visit the amusement park or the zoo. It's a perfect time to enjoy these places.

Brunch in the park. Brunch is an outdoor event where you will find a good atmosphere and shaded areas and areas with tables to take a break between dances. The locations we have chosen are the Royal Botanical Garden Alfonso XIII of the Complutense University of Madrid (for our spring season) and the emblematic Tierno Galván Park in Madrid (late summer season).

Open House Madrid. Open House Madrid is the international architecture festival that offers visits to a hundred buildings and architecture studios that are normally closed to the public, as well as outdoor routes and other activities. It is an experience that takes place once a year, at the end of September. It is the great open day of Madrid's architecture.



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