Recommended restaurants to go to in Madrid

Madrid has an impressive gastronomic offer, which we believe, is one of the best ways to get to know the city, after several trips to the capital, we want to leave you a selection of restaurants where to eat in Madrid, which we are sure, will not disappoint you. If you are coming to study or on holiday, here are some recommended restaurants to go to in Madrid. We will also offer you some tips to enjoy the experience and the gastronomy. 

Some recommended restaurants to go to in Madrid

  • StreetXo. One of the best-known restaurants in Madrid thanks to its chef, Dabiz Muñoz, who has three Michelin stars. You will be surprised with every bite and the experience is unique. It is important to know that reservations are not allowed and at night, especially on weekends and holidays, there is usually a long queue, so it is best to go during the week and in the middle of the day. In this case, it is best to go 30-45 minutes before opening time to ensure you get in at the first turn.
  • Casa Lucio. In the heart of the latina neighbourhood in the centre of madrid, you can't miss their famous starry eggs.
  • Lhardy. Another classic cocido madrileño stew. Possibly one of the most historic restaurants in the capital. Located in the Puerta del Sol, this family restaurant is a reference point not only in Madrid but also in the whole of Spain as far as cocido (stew) is concerned.
  • Pimiento verde. There are several in Madrid and the food is very good in all of them. Artichokes and monkfish are the star dishes.
  • Chocolatería san Ginés. For dessert or as a snack you have to visit this legendary café just a few metres from Puerta del Sol. The place is very traditional, with photos of famous people who have passed through its dining room and although there are usually a lot of people, the rotation is usually fast. Remember to order at the bar and they will serve you at the table. We recommend ordering a portion of porras per person and a chocolate to keep you satiated.


There are many recommended restaurants to go to in Madrid. You should choose the type of cuisine you prefer and from there choose from the options available. in this link there is a good selection.

Tips for going to restaurants in Madrid

  • It is important to book in advance as most of them tend to have a full house, especially on weekends and holidays.

    A good option is to go at midday, when there are usually more tables available.

    Tipping is not obligatory, although it is advisable to leave a tip and it will be very welcome if you liked the food and the service. In this case, 5-10% of the total amount is fine.

    In some restaurants in Madrid it is common for a small starter, like an appetizer, to be included in the final bill. The most normal thing is that you eat it and pay for it, but if you don't want it, let them know in advance to avoid surprises.

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