Conditions of the candidates to the DELE exam

If you are learning Spanish in Madrid, you will probably want to obtain a certificate accrediting your level. In this case, you will have to take the DELE Exam. This exam is guaranteed by the Instituto Cervantes. It is the best way to demonstrate your language skills.

At Academia Contacto we have a DELE preparation course with which you can practice. The teachers will teach you everything you need to get the best possible grade. They will solve your doubts if you have them and you will be able to take preparation exams. It is important to know how the DELE works. In this way, you will be able to prepare in the best possible way.

Requirements for candidates to take the DELE Exam

In order to take the DELE Exam, candidates must meet a series of requirements established by the Instituto Cervantes. This exam is aimed at a literate public, from all ages.

You can register regardless of your nationality or country of origin. You can take the DELE Exam if you complete the registration form and pay the corresponding fees. In addition, in order to register for the exam, you must provide a one-person e-mail address. The Instituto Cervantes will contact you through it. Therefore, make sure it is usable and that you remember the passwords. You will receive through it the diploma, the announcements and the publication and printing of your qualifications.

Other aspects to consider

When you pay the registration fee, you will be directly accepting the purchase conditions. Therefore, it is your obligation to comply with the administrative and financial requirements. This is the way to obtain the DELE diploma in Spanish. In addition, you will also have to go to the exam with the documents that certify the fulfillment of the conditions.

As a candidate, you are obliged to present the receipt of your registration, your passport or the official identity document with a photograph. It is important that you can be correctly identified. In addition, you will also have to present the official announcement of the exam.

If you are a minor, your parents, guardian or legal representative will have to register you.

You must make sure that all your details are correct. Pay special attention to the data related to your identity in order to avoid possible problems.